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Our relationships with our clients are very important to us.  We strive to develop personal and professional relationships with our current and former clients.  There is no greater compliment than a client providing positive feedback about his or her experience with our firm.  See what our clients have to say about us:

Keith S.

Phil Newman was recommended to me by a colleague at work. Phil was the attorney representing my colleague’s former spouse – if this is not the highest recommendation a lawyer can receive, I don’t know what is.  In my divorce case I was previously represented and that lawyer was incapable of moving my case forward, I was simply at the mercy of my ex-wife and stuck in a contested divorce with no end in sight.  The primary reason I sought out Phil was to get my case unstuck and minimize, as much as possible, the expense, time, and agony to resolve my case.  With his expertise and the help of the PN+M firm, they did exactly that and I am extremely grateful to him and his firm that all affected parties, especially the most precious to me, my son, can get on with their lives.


Many times Phil did not tell me what I wanted to hear. Instead, based on his expertise with the Williamson County legal establishment and his years of experience, he told me what I needed to hear so I could make the most informed decisions in my case.  Having a couple of children himself, Phil was a great advocate for the father-son relationship and did a great job to ensure I could spend as much time with my son as possible, both during the case and after.  Even though my case is long over, he genuinely cares about my son’s wellbeing and asks how he’s doing.  Phil and his firm do a great job at keeping the entire case in perspective.  That perspective is key as you struggle with all the conflict and bad-blood that develops in a contested divorce and many times blinds you of seeing the complete picture.  As a result, even though nobody “wins” in a divorce case, Phil and the PN+M team perform a great service by fairly keeping both sides of the case in focus and treating everyone with dignity and respect.


Were it not for Phil and the PN+M team, I know for a fact I would still be stuck in contested-divorce hell which would cost be enormously in the long run – from a financial and emotional standpoint, but also prolonging a difficult transition for my son. To end my divorce nightmare, his counsel was priceless.

Brenda L.

I’ve been a client of Phil Newman since 2003; he calls me a repeat offender because I’ve usd him and his office several times over the past 14 years.

When I experienced divorce for the first time, I didn’t know who to turn to.  I was intimidateed by attorneys and was devastated by the situation.  I happened to find Phil in the Yellow Pages (of all places) and, after our first meeting, immediately knew I could trust him to do a good job.  He was confident, determined, direct and fiercely protective of my rights, and made sure that my son and I were taken care of in the end.  At times, when I let my emotions take over, Phil even brought me back to reality and kept us on track.  Thanks to Phil, a sad and scary situation was made much easier.  I knew nothing about the process, but Phil left no stone unturned and walked me through the entire ordeal with compassion.

Three years later, I was in a terrible automobile accident and, knowing my medical bills were going to be high, I immediately turned to Phil for his help.  Once again, he worked tirelessly for several months to insure I was taken care of in the end.  Thanks to Phil, we were able to settle the case in mediation and avoided a court trial.

Several years later, I called Phil again asking for help with a real estate matter.  His partner, Chas Morton, represented my second husband and me in a bizarre case and, at the last moment, was able to settle the case out of court.  Chas knows real estate and has great relationships with his colleagues in the industry.  His direct, no-nonsense approach was a huge asset to us in the final outcome of the case.

Unfortunately, I faced a second divorce recently and, once again, turned to Phil for his assistance.  He knew exactly what was needed and didn’t back down from helping me through every step of the process.

I can’t say enough about this firm.  I am treated like family and have the utmost confdence in all of hte attorneys and staff there.  I refer them at every opportunity I get, and am grateful to have stumbled upon thier office years ago.  You won’t find a more confident, down-to-earth, direct and savvy group of attorneys.  They are well-respected and work with great integrity and experience.

Carl H.

What I needed was a legal counsel to work with me through the divorce process, provide critical guidance, sound legal advice, and have a proven track record of expertise and results. Phil Newman provided that and more. He developed a strategic approach to the situation and evidenced proactive tactical sense engaging other attorneys. There were a myriad of details that he and his team tracked throughout and brought together at the right moments. These details, had Phil not seen to them, would have been very painful if not addressed before and during the mediation. The reason great coaches are highly sought after is they achieve results. Phil Newman provided the needed counsel in every situation leading up to the mediation and delivered results during the heat of the negotiation. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. If you need the best legal counsel and sound advice, and sometimes it’s advice you don’t want to hear but need to, then Phil Newman and the PN+M Law team deliver.

It is important to note that I started the process with another attorney. A friend recommended Phil Newman, and what a difference it made switching to the PN+M team. Thank you for the work you and you team performed and for the support throughout!

Susan T.

I needed a lawyer because I had decided to file for divorce. I got a referral from a friend for an initial lawyer and called her up.  This turned out to be a costly mistake.  I got some very bad advice for my unusual case.  Two months later I got a referral for Phil Newman from a family friend and he took over my case.  From the start I liked Mr. Newman.  He is professional, honest, smart, approachable, available when I had questions/concerns, and unlike my first lawyer, I could understand his explanations – I just had to get used to his quick thinking/speaking.  My case in total took 9 months, it was very hard, and once Mr. Newman took over I felt comfortable that he was taking good care of me.  In the end my case settled the day of trial, and Mr. Newman and his amazing staff helped me get everything I had wanted from the start!  I would highly recommend him and his firm!

Dave B.

Phil Newman demonstrated an excellent knowledge of state and local laws and how they could best protect myself and my children.  He was a trusted advisor, not only with legal approach and supporting strategy, but general divorce related issues as well.  His legal support team was equally capable.  Phil’s strong relationships and knowledge of Nashville’s judges and lawyers were also an asset to my case.  Finally, he approached my case in a highly ethical manner, for example avoiding unnecessary legal conflict and related expenses when possible.  Combined, I felt confident with Phil backing my interests and those of my children in court.  The outcome of my case proved this confidence was well founded.

Cindi S.

In late 2013, I came to the realization that I needed to end my unhealthy marriage of 27 years. I asked a friend to recommend a strong family law attorney and was referred to Phil Newman of Puryear, Newman + Morton, PLLC.

I made my first phone call to Phil in a very chaotic frame of mind.  Phil was able to give me advice on how to proceed until I could meet with him personally. The first time I met Phil he listened to my story, asked thoughtful questions and, was able to answer many of my immediate questions. I left our very first meeting feeling informed, and with a legal and financial plan.

I found Phil and his office to be very professional, efficient and caring. Going through any legal process is not pleasant, but I felt secure and taken care of by the entire PN+M Law staff. There were times during the divorce process, particularly at mediation, when I was given difficult decisions to make. Phil and his staff helped me make those decisions.

Phil may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you exactly what you need to know to be informed during the divorce process. I am so grateful to have had Phil Newman and his team on my side.

Jayne M.

Alisha Warner is a wonderful attorney with a great work ethic. Her support and knowledge of the law was invaluable. She was a rock when needed.  She is always available for her clients and goes the extra mile. I respect Alisha and wish her the best!

Katharine C.

Professional, knowledgeable, understanding and kind are just a few of the words I would use to describe Phil Newman and Alisha Warner. When I found myself in the midst of divorce proceedings I never saw coming, Phil and Alisha’s counsel and guidance throughout the process were invaluable. Phil devised a strategy to secure a very favorable and expeditious resolution to my financial and parenting issues with as little rancor as possible, understanding from the start what was best for me and for my children. He was a calming influence when the emotions of the situation threatened to derail the process. Alisha expertly answered every question I asked her, making certain that my concerns were fully addressed in the marital and parenting agreements. I recommend Phil and Alisha to anyone seeking counsel in a separation or divorce situation.

Clint M.

I was recommended to Phil Newman of Puryear, Newman + Morton, PLLC through another local attorney in town. We had a unique custody situation and I was unsure on how to best proceed. After my initial meeting with Phil I knew he would be the best attorney to help us obtain the desired outcome that we were looking for. He was very truthful with me and never made any empty promises. Whether I was working with him or Abigail Ruiz I could tell that they truly cared about our case. Phil and Abi both maintained constant professionalism and I would highly recommend them for family law issues. I will definitely be using Puryear, Newman + Morton, PLLC for any of my future legal needs.

David H.

Going through a divorce is difficult no matter where you are in life. It is critical from the outset to have the best legal counsel possible to help you understand your options, manage your expectations, and, most importantly, protect your rights as a parent. Phil Newman did an excellent job in all of those areas. With the assistance of his capable associate, Abigail Ruiz, Phil made sure that we were well prepared and positioned throughout the divorce process so that when we got to mediation, we could negotiate the best possible financial terms and favorable parenting plan. When the entire process was complete, I was very pleased with the outcome thanks to Phil’s ability to work well with the opposing counsel and the mediator in my case. I would highly recommend Phil and his team to anyone needing domestic legal assistance.

Michelle F.

The divorce process is like a roller coaster ride. Phil made me feel as though things were going to work out during the entire process, especially when I was doubtful. He has an incredible ability to reassure his clients and help them focus on the important details. At times, his little push of encouragement was all I needed. Alisha is the calm voice of reason. She tells it like it is, which is necessary and valued when you are looking at so many unknowns. Never was there a moment when I couldn’t talk to them or get ALL of my many questions answered.

While I was interviewing attorneys, all of whom I’d been referred to, my gut kept leading me back to Phil and Alisha. I hope that when you are looking and interviewing attorneys for the emotional roller coaster ride that is divorce, you have the opportunity to work with these two great attorneys. They genuinely cared about my well-being, the well-being of my children, my financial stability, and safety.

With all of the loss incurred, I feel I have gained two wonderful friends.

Blake H.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone at Puryear, Newman + Morton for all of the services and time you put into my parenting time and child support cases. The relationship we have built over the years has grown into one that I value and appreciate. I am truly grateful for the help and support you and your team have rendered to my son and I.

Teri D.

After coming to the conclusion that my marriage was in trouble, I was referred to Phil Newman.

Going through a divorce is a very emotional experience. Phil and Julie are like a yin and yang for a divorce team. Julie was always available whenever I needed an answer to my many questions and Phil was a force to reckon with at mediation. They are a great team!

Jerry S.

In the process of going through a divorce, I was given Phillip Newman’s name as an attorney I should call. Fortunately for me, I made that call. In our initial meeting, Phil’s demeanor immediately put me at ease during this tough period of my life. His knowledge of the law, his integrity, and his attention to detail were invaluable during the divorce proceedings. I have a young daughter and Phil always looked out for, not only my best interest, but what was best for her as well. If you require any type of civil litigation, I recommend you contact Phil Newman. He is definitely a highly motivated individual you want in your corner!


Phil and his team were terrific to work with.  He was empathetic but also told me what I needed to hear.  Phil was straightforward.  He laid out clear options and made recommendations on approach.  He was accessible and responsive.  Phil went the extra mile to research a topic on the case that was unique.  He used his extensive network and relationships to get answers to difficult questions.  I highly recommend Phil and his team.

Tim B.

When faced with an unexpected divorce, I started to research who to work with.  A good friend gave me names that were recommended as the best in the Nashville area, and I was pleased to see an old friend Phil Newman at the top of the list.  Phil not only is great at what he does, he cared about me as a person during the difficult process.  He helped me take the emotion out of some tough decisions, represented me very effectively, and looked out not only for my best interest, but the interest of my kids.  Phil and Julie were professional and kept a good pace to reduce the timeframe and expense of a painful process.  I appreciated how Phil and his team communicated, followed up and made sure I understood what steps were next, let me know what may or may not happen, and would prepare me both legally and emotionally.  I cannot speak highly enough of how my case was handled and would definitely recommend PN&M.  


Lisa S.

Divorce can be sticky, ugly, emotional, tough, exhausting, and expensive. While no one will ever say divorce is fun, it can be manageable if you have the right legal counsel leading you through the entire process. I can say that Phil and Julie were the perfect counsel for me.

I came to Phil because I had four separate people recommend him both professionally and personally. Julie was just a huge added bonus.

What makes them an awesome team?

Character. Phil and Julie are good, honest, strong, caring people. In my first meeting with Phil and Julie, they took the time to get to know me, our situation, and what was most important to me. Over the course of the divorce proceedings, we had a lot of laughs, but they were also there handing me kleenex for my tears and offering strength, encouragement, and chocolate when I needed it the most.

Knowledge and Experience in Family Law. Plain and simple, Phil and Julie know their stuff. In our first meeting, they explained there is a ninety-day waiting period for divorce when there are children involved. I explained that on day ninety-one, I wanted my divorce final. And on day ninety-one, we were standing in front of the judge finalizing our divorce. They knew what needed to happen, how it needed to happen, and when in needed to happen. It also speaks volumes when you witness multiple other attorneys trying to pick Phil and Julie’s brains.

Attention to Detail. Attention to all the filings, attention to timing, attention to what was most important to me, attention to which mediator would be the best fit for our situation, attention to which judge would hear our case and what their ruling would probably be on each specific topic, Phil and Julie thought through everything.

Accessibility and Reliability. Day or night, week day or weekend, they were both there for me when/if I needed them.

Trust and Comfort. I was able to put the divorce in Phil and Julie’s hands and trust in them. This allowed me to take a step back and focus on all of the other millions of details that go along with a divorce. And most important, it allowed me to focus on taking care of myself and my daughter.

While I look forward to keeping in touch with Phil and Julie off the clock, I can say they were worth every penny and I am lucky they agreed to take me on as a client.

Dagne T.

Mr. Newman, his colleagues, partners, and staff assisted me at a time when an unexpected tragedy struck. As I met with him on several occasions I was impressed with his patience in clearly explaining my options, helping me understand what counter-arguments might be used, and what the most likely outcome would be. He immediately acted on the matter by assigning appropriate personnel to investigate, prepare correspondences, explore legal options (even if it meant consulting his partners or outside sources), and respond to any of my inquiries, needs, or concerns. His demeanor was compassionate and supportive, and his support staff continue to stand by me months after the matter settled. In my 34 years experience in law, I have never been so impressed as I am with his full-service firm, and not only recommend PN&M, but would call upon Phil and his firm again.



Randy S.

Phil had handled the divorce cases for 2 close friends.  They recommended him when it came time for me to file for my divorce.


Phil did an amazing job handling my divorce.  My case was complex due to my job and investments.  Phil made himself available to discuss the valuation issues and provide honest and thoughtful feedback to my concerns.  He had me prepared and helped me have realistic expectations.


He got mediation scheduled promptly and counseled me to do the things I needed to do to get my case settled as quickly as possible.

He handled the mediation of my case like a pro and got what I believe was a just and fair settlement given the complexity of the case. 


His assistant Julie Ennis was on top of things and helped coach me through the financial disclosures.  She is very efficient, and we did not waste time or legal fees.  Julie is GREAT!!!


I settled my divorce in approximately 90 days (the allowable minimum wait) and now I am free to move forward with the rest of my life.


Lauren L.

On our first meeting, I was impressed with Alisha Warner’s communication skills and professional demeanor. As we moved along, I found Alisha to be reliable, dedicated, supportive, patient and eternally upbeat.
Organized and diligent, Alisha was always one step ahead of those involved and made one of the most difficult times of my life a bit easier to stomach.
Should you be in need of legal representation, please do not hesitate to hire Alisha, as you will without a doubt be in very good hands.

Kelly H.

When I needed an attorney, I reached out to friends and colleagues for recommendations. Phil was recommended to me by two different people.  I interviewed several attorneys that would be willing to work with my husband and me on an amicable divorce.  In my initial meeting with Phil, he told me that we were interviewing each other…I wasn’t just interviewing him.   It was a difficult decision, but I decided to work with Phil because he kept using the phrase “what’s in the best interest of the children” during our meeting.

I didn’t always like what Phil recommended to me, but I believed it was fair and in the best interest of my family.   Our divorce was fairly simple and quick.  Phil and my ex-husband’s attorney worked extremely well together and were able to advise us and work with us to come to agreement outside of mediation or court.

Phil’s value was made abundantly clear after the divorce. Several days after our divorce was final, my ex-husband notified me he was leaving for inpatient rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, which had not been disclosed during the development of the parenting plan or marital dissolution agreement.  Phil went above and beyond to help navigate the situation with my children during and after treatment.  He continues to do what is in the best interest of my children, and in turn me, even months after our divorce was finalized.

When selecting the attorney I was going to work with on my divorce, I didn’t realize I would work with this person for years to come. Phil and I will work together for another 8 years, until my youngest child is 18.  I am more comfortable with the decision to work with Phil and his team now more than ever.  I have since recommended Phil to friends in need and intend to work with his partners on other Family Law issues, such as wills and trusts.

Laura S.

I highly recommend PNM Law for Divorce representation. The team of Phil Newman & Julie Ennis guided me through a contentious divorce. They were up front with expectations. Meetings and discussions were never rushed so I never felt as if I was “just another client.” They answered all my questions, even the questions I didn’t know to ask, kept me informed of latest developments and concluded with a successful settlement via mediation.  



Tracy P.

Phil was highly recommended to me by a long-time friend who had recently gone through a divorce and was in a very similar situation to mine. I have two young boys and was the breadwinner in my household, which is very relevant because I had a hard time accepting the role reversal of my situation. I knew within 5 minutes of sitting down with Phil and his paralegal, Julie, that I didn’t need to look any further.  Phil is a busy lawyer (which means he’s good lawyer) so he can be hard to pin down at times, BUT he was always there when I needed him – responding to texts and phone calls at night, early morning and over the weekend. He and Julie not only counseled me through the technical aspects of the divorce, but the emotional aspects as well.  Phil would empathize with me and validate my feelings, but he also told me what I needed to hear even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  Thankfully, we were able to settle my divorce in mediation. Phil took time to explain the mediation process to me and ensure I was well prepped – both materially and emotionally. The mediation was 11 grueling hours .  There was one point when we were negotiating alimony – a real sticking point for me – when Phil looked me straight in the eye and said, “Tracy, that’s a good deal.  You need to take it.” I didn’t like it but I took it. No questions asked. And, this is representative of how my whole process went.  Throughout one of the most difficult periods of my life when I was at my most vulnerable, Phil was my rock and my protector. I felt strong because I had Phil and Julie in my corner.  On one hand, I’m grateful my divorce didn’t end up in court, but on the other hand, I would have loved to see him in action in that setting. He’s a strong advocate, great listener and fierce negotiator, but best of all…he’s an overall wonderful human. I would recommend Phil over and over again.